Automation Rules

Automation rules is a powerful feature that allows you to create rules for handling custom workflows. With automation rules, you can schedule to do anything when a ticket is created or updated.

Here are some scenarios:

  1. Automatically assign the tickets to Billing group if the subject of the ticket contains "Bill" or "Payment"

  2. Automatically mark a ticket as Spam when it is created by customers having in the email

  3. Close stale tickets after 7 days of inactivity

  4. If there's no update on an Urgent ticket, send an email to Joe

Automation rules will skip the validation

Whenever automation rules are applied then some validations will be skipped.

Scenario: Suppose some ticket fields are required to close the ticket.

There are two ways to close the ticket: 

  1. Manually: Whenever an agent closes the ticket manually, then all required field validation will be triggered.

  2. With Automation rule: Whenever the system closes the ticket based on the defined automation rule, the ticket will get closed, and the field validation will be skipped.

Steps to set Automation Rules:

  1. Login using your admin account.

  2. Go to Settings > Automation Rules > New Rule.

  3. Fill the form and click on the Create Rule button.