Welcome to the NeetoKB M10 changelog! In our last milestone, we've been working on some great new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Let's get into it!

Milestone 10

Here are the noteworthy updates from this milestone:

  • We have added help icons for headings in neetoKB settings which shall help users to know about the feature and redirect them to the help article.

  • We have changed the writeups on integration cards under settings giving more clarity to the users, previously the writeup was vague and did not help much.

  • We have changed the modal which appears for confirmation of action, deletion of KB articles. The action buttons are now shifted to the right, and the background color has been changed to enhance the user experience.

  • We have added an alert for users attempting to generate an unlisted link for an unpublished KB article. This alert prompts users to publish the article before generating the link, preventing a 404 error for the recipient.