Collect. Build. Take Action.

neetoForm is one of the best alternatives to Typeform because with neetoForm, you can not only build forms and collect data but also take actions on form submissions.

You can take actions like adding custom fields, creating segments and sending notifications to form submitters via Email, SMS and WhatsApp without even exporting the submissions. Well, neetoForm has got you covered to efficiently manage your submission data and improve your workflow.

Add Custom Fields in the submission data

Consider a scenario where you want to add additional columns to your submission data for managing your internal workflow. For example, you post a job application for and receive a lot of submissions. Now, you need to review these applications and shortlist candidates for interviews. neetoForm will help you do that without exporting these applications.

With custom fields feature, you can add columns to the submission data. These additional columns can include various fields like text, checkboxes, dropdown and single choice to suit your purpose. For instance, you can create a custom field named Application Status and add a dropdown with two options as Accepted and Rejected. With this, you can review each application and update the status column with Accepted or Rejected from the dropdown menu. This helps you to efficiently carry out the shortlisting process within the submission data itself.

However, with Typeform, you're limited to adding tags to the submissions which might not solve the whole purpose. In Typeform, adding tags do not support fields like dropdown or checkboxes which makes it challenging to suit your way of working.

An added benefit with neetoForm is exporting your submissions after adding columns and updating data without adjusting anything. The additional columns will not be reflected in your downloaded file. Whereas in Typeform you will have to disable tags before you export the submissions else they'll be included in your downloaded file. neetoForm helps you save a lot of effort of enabling and disabling columns when exporting your submissions.

neetoForm makes it all possible for you to add columns and choose fields of your choice so as to suit your way of working.

Send Notifications to Form Submitter

neetoForm comes out to be the best alternative to Typeform, particularly with its feature of sending notifications to form submitters via SMS, Email and WhatsApp.

Sending notifications to form submitters with Typeform requires various workarounds that consumes a significant amount of time, but with neetoForm, you're just a few clicks away from connecting with your form submitters.

Whether its event promotions, sales and marketing, feedback collection, follow-ups, surveys, and more, sending notifications to your form submitters feature in neetoForm is a gamechanger.

With neetoForm, you have the flexibility to reach out to your form submitters either individually or collectively, supporting all possible use cases for connecting with them. This saves you a lot of time when sending the same message to multiple submitters at once and also allows you to personalize messages when sending them individually.

All of this can be done within the neetoForm itself, without setting up anything or exporting the submissions. You can simply take action on your submission data to send messages.

Supports uploading multiple files without creating a zip file

In various scenarios such as job applications, document verification, registrations, or bank claims, you may require users to upload multiple files within the form. neetoForm gets your job done!

neetoForm, as an alternative to Typeform, offers a solution to your use case by supporting multiple file uploads directly within the form.

Using Typeform, users are required to follow a cumbersome process of zipping multiple files into one before uploading them. This makes the process complicated and consumes a significant amount of time on both ends, as users must zip multiple files before uploading, and receivers must unzip them once received.

Unlike Typeform, neetoForm allows you to upload multiple files of various formats without the need to zip them. This feature simplifies uploading multiple files within the form and saves a lot of time.

Allow specific file formats while upload within the form

neetoForm allows you to restrict file uploads to specific formats providing you with greater control over the types of files users can submit.

Let's say you are running an online assessment and require students to upload the submissions in the document format. You can easily do that with neetoForm by choosing the file format you want to support while users upload the file.

This becomes challenging with Typeform as you cannot restrict file uploads to specific formats allowing users to upload file of any format. This can lead to inconsistencies with the requirement and complexities while handling the submissions.

neetoForm comes handy where you can restrict file uploads to formats like Documents, Images, and Audio/Video as per your use case while building the form. This will ensure that files are consistent and align with your requirement.