Welcome to the NeetoDesk M10 changelog! In our last milestone, we've been working on some great new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. Let's get into it!

Milestone 10

Here are the noteworthy updates from this milestone:

  • We fixed the attachment issue where the users could not attach a file while replying to the ticket within neetoDesk.

  • We have improved the readability of the email notifications received via neetoDesk support mail. Previously, these notifications contained long URLs, which made it inconvenient to follow the email.

  • We have added a help document for WhatsApp integration, which guides users through the process of integrating their WhatsApp account with neetoDesk for ticket notifications. Previously, users felt stuck while integrating WhatsApp as there were no help steps available.

  • We have changed the modal which appears for confirmation of action on tickets. The action buttons are now shifted to the right, and the background color has been changed to enhance the user experience.

  • We have improved the UX for private notes in tickets by adding placeholder text that says "Type something" and positioning the cursor to make it consistent with other editors.

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