SLA Feature Testing

  1. SLA Policy

    • While creating SLA Policy, to set the reminder for First Response Target, the user has to choose from the available options in the dropdown.

    • Suppose there is a case where First Response Time is less than the timer set for reminder (as in the snapshot below), the purpose of the same becomes redundant.

      Snapshot from neetoDesk
  2. Late Reminder Email Trigger

    • The reminder email trigger to the assigned agent was triggered 6 minutes late.

  3. Incorrect deadline for Resolution Due by

    • The ticket displays incorrect deadline for resolution due by more than the limit set in the SLA policy.

    • For e.g., refer to the below snapshot where the ideal resolution deadline is 4 Apr 2024, 10:34 AM

      Snapshot from neetoDesk
  4. Late Escalation Email Trigger

    • As per the SLA Policy, the escalation email was to be triggered to both assigned agent and admin. However, the email was triggered by 6 minutes late to admin and by more than an hour late to assigned agent.

  5. No Email Trigger after Closure

    • Once the ticket is closed by the assigned agent, there is no email trigger to any of the agent, admin or customer acknowledging the resolution of the query and closure of the ticket.