Onboarding steps for neetoDesk

Steps to register with neetoDesk

  1. Go to https://www.neeto.com/neetodesk and click on 'Login'.

  2. You will be taken to https://app.neetoauth.com/login. To sign up, click on 'Sign Up' or 'Login with Google'.

    Snapshot from neetoAuth
  3. Once you've entered your email or signed up with Google, check your email for a temporary code. Enter this code on the website.

  4. Provide your organization's name and choose a subdomain to continue.

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  5. Fill in the necessary details to finish the registration process and start using neetoDesk.

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  6. After registration, neetoDesk will create a help link and support email for you to generate tickets.

    Snapshot from neetoDesk
  7. Congratulations! You've completed the registration process. You'll now be directed to the neetoDesk homepage.